Anonymous said: Hello. I was hoping and wishing that you could make a Brad Richards pony? PLEASE

that’s not really a question more of a statement but that’s cool. i will eventually. i know everyone is very excited about him. 

What’s better then a headstand sliding/somersaulting hockey player celly? A headstand sliding/somersaulting hockey playing pony celly! Let this heavily requested Pony Del Basso head slide into your heart!

see the real deal here

posted for Hewitt Sports 

Anonymous said: Any plan to do a pony of that awesome Del Basso helmet slide/somersault from Sat?

i’m half way done with my aihl finals pony pic but i feel i need to take a break from it to do a somersault pony since it’s been requested so much. which is really awesome that people are getting into the aihl even if it’s for silly things like headslides.  

also, semi finals are (america time) friday night and finals are saturday night!!!!  lets all stay up late and watch some aussie hockey! 

sundaceleste said: Oh my do burlesque? Me too and I've been trying to work something hockey related in, but it's crazy hard ... great choice on the use of drag!

i do a blackhawks burlesque act! rhinestoned jersey, glitter hockey stick and all and of course it’s too Chelsea Dagger. even got to perform it at the windy city burlesque festival. there is surprisingly a lot of cross over between hockey and burlesque. you got garter belts holding up thigh highs, glove removals, all sorts of good stuff. if you end up doing something let me know! i would love to see a video or whatever! 

Anonymous said: Any thoughts on the salary cap issues the Blackhawks have to solve?

yeah, salary cap makes me sad. i’m pretty sure we’ll loose oduya and versteeg. at this point i just want them to make there move so we can all accept it and move on with our lives!!!! 

Anonymous said: Can you pretty pretty please post the link to the new pony store?

you can currently find all my merch here.

let me know if there is anything i’ve done before you guys want as a shirt/sticker/print/tote whatever and i’ll toss it up there for you! 

Anonymous said: When is your next burlesque performance?

Well I have a new ska act I’ll be doing the end of September, I’ll probably post the info for it on twitter when I find out the date and time. I have been creating a drag king character who might be debuting in a few weeks. His name is Tyler Sequin. See what I did there! But that would be at a drag show and not a burlesque show. Finding new and fun ways to ruin hockey.

sonicsean89 said: So then did Toews finally grow up to a full horse?


Of course I have to correct you that ponies are not baby horses. Sooo yeah…..

Anonymous said: Will there be a Pony Toews ice bucket challenge in our future?

Not sure. I’ve been trying to make them cute and cuddly and that video was maybe a little too hot to be a pony hahaha

Anonymous said: Yuss, color dat pic real good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

um…ok…i will…yeah….